Good Citizen, Good Society? A Look Back at My Summer Research


Hello, readers! I hope you are well and that you are finding ways to keep things spooky as we approach Halloween 2020. For my money Halloween during a pandemic is just about as spooky as it gets, but I have faith that people everywhere will find ways to improvise and keep things safe!

Though classes are in full swing, I’m actually writing to promote shamelessly my recent work through the Summer Research Associates Program. Alongside my fellow research associate, Liv, and our faculty mentor, Professor Gallo-Cruz of the College’s sociology and anthropology department, I was able to complete an eight-week, remote research project through the J.D. Power Center. The topic of our research was the instruction of civics in United States public schools.

Though we were not able to fund the 40 hrs/wk project we had initially planned pre-pandemic, I found the experience to be quite valuable in developing my abilities as a researcher, as well as exploring a topic in which I am very interested. Our primary findings from the project were that…

Actually, check it out for yourself! A month ago, a website was put together to showcase the work of Holy Cross students from this past summer. Liv and I feel fortunate to have made the cut! Here’s the link to the video outlining our findings:

Again, it was truly a valuable experience, and I would encourage any student to pursue undergraduate research opportunities while at Holy Cross. I definitely intend to pursue research opportunities moving forward.

That’s it for this week! Again, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. Don’t forget to check back in for blog updates soon!