Team “Volleyballerz”: My First Intramural Sport Experience

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Hello everyone! It took an entire week, but I am finally back in the swing of things following an eventful (and much needed!) Fall break. I spent most of my time back in Rochester catching up with my friends that attend other colleges, and even took a quick road trip to Baltimore, MD to visit my family and attend a concert.

Being back in school meant more than a return to my coursework, however. This past week, my co-ed intramural volleyball team, the Volleyballerz, played in the league playoff. Unfortunately we lost our first round matchup, thus ending our season. Nevertheless, I had such a good experience with the team over the past several weeks that I wanted to write a little bit about it.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when my roommates asked me to play intramural volleyball with them. When it comes to sports, I am extremely competitive, and I worried that I wouldn’t find the level of play exciting enough. It turns out, however, that I need not have worried. Although several intramural participants are trying a sport for the first time just to have fun, there are just as many legitimate athletes looking to prove themselves and, more importantly, win the game. Such a combination made for a fun, yet competitive atmosphere.

I was also impressed with how organized intramural sports at Holy Cross are. Prior to competition, all teams use a website,, to sign up for the season. The website updates league standings, rosters, and schedules in real time to provide an easy intramural experience for all players.

I would HIGHLY recommend intramural sports to any current or prospective Holy Cross students. Although the Volleyballerz finished the season 1-4, I found myself truly looking forward to the chance to step out on the court every Monday night. Aside from the fun of competitive play, it was a great opportunity to get to know my (awesome) teammates. Mark my words, the Volleyballerz will be back next year.

That’s all for now! Be sure to check back in soon to see what else is happening on and around the Hill. Until next time!


Aidan Ruppert: An Introduction to My Virtual Voice

A sheet cake depicting my high school, McQuaid Jesuit, as well as Holy Cross
Because what’s college without a slice of cake along the way?


Hello everyone! My name is Aidan Ruppert and I am a brand-new student at the College of the Holy Cross. In just six weeks, I have experienced a very successful transition to being a college student, and have already begun to LOVE Holy Cross.

Whether you are a prospective student or already a member of the Holy Cross community, allow me to share just a few things about myself in order to place some of my upcoming posts in context.

  • I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, and attended McQuaid Jesuit, an all-male Jesuit high school.
  • I plan on studying Psychology at Holy Cross, though anything is possible!
  • I am currently involved in several student organizations at Holy Cross.
  • I am a HUGE basketball fan (Go Celtics!) and love to play the game as well.
  • I chose Holy Cross because of its Jesuit identity, as well as the rigorous academics for which the school is known.
  • My favorite part about Holy Cross so far would have to be some of the great classmates I have already met!

Once again, Holy Cross has been a great fit for me so far, and I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity. My plan is to make the most of it! I cannot wait to share my academic, social, and co-curricular experiences with all of you. If you have any questions about life at Holy Cross, please always feel free to comment on my blog. Until next time!