Good Citizen, Good Society? A Look Back at My Summer Research


Hello, readers! I hope you are well and that you are finding ways to keep things spooky as we approach Halloween 2020. For my money Halloween during a pandemic is just about as spooky as it gets, but I have faith that people everywhere will find ways to improvise and keep things safe!

Though classes are in full swing, I’m actually writing to promote shamelessly my recent work through the Summer Research Associates Program. Alongside my fellow research associate, Liv, and our faculty mentor, Professor Gallo-Cruz of the College’s sociology and anthropology department, I was able to complete an eight-week, remote research project through the J.D. Power Center. The topic of our research was the instruction of civics in United States public schools.

Though we were not able to fund the 40 hrs/wk project we had initially planned pre-pandemic, I found the experience to be quite valuable in developing my abilities as a researcher, as well as exploring a topic in which I am very interested. Our primary findings from the project were that…

Actually, check it out for yourself! A month ago, a website was put together to showcase the work of Holy Cross students from this past summer. Liv and I feel fortunate to have made the cut! Here’s the link to the video outlining our findings:

Again, it was truly a valuable experience, and I would encourage any student to pursue undergraduate research opportunities while at Holy Cross. I definitely intend to pursue research opportunities moving forward.

That’s it for this week! Again, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. Don’t forget to check back in for blog updates soon!

Staying Connected Through Sports: The WCHC Sports Podcast

A thumbnail from The WCHC Sports Podcast, a YouTube video podcast series created in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hello, readers!

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve typed those words. I can honestly say that updating my Holy Cross student blog became much less of a priority once the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted nearly all aspects of our lives, but I am back and (hopefully) better than ever!

Just to reintroduce myself for the sake of new readers, I am a junior psychology and sociology double major with a German minor. I am currently completing courses remotely from my hometown of Rochester, New York. My extracurricular activities include, most notably, serving as co-chair of WCHC Sports, as a member of Counseling Outreach Peer Educators (COPE), and as a tour guide for the admissions office.

Change has been the name of the game over the past six months, and I, as an individual who thrives on consistency, have encountered many obstacles in navigating the “new normal.” Toward the middle of this past summer, however, I realized the importance of continuing to capitalize on the opportunities that Holy Cross has presented. Since so much effort has gone into offering students an authentic Holy Cross experience in the midst of a remote semester, I figured that the least I could do was to change with the times to the best of my ability.

As such, I took a more active role as co-chair of WCHC Sports, the College’s sports broadcasting organization. Seeing as holding the Fall 2020 semester remotely meant there would be no sporting events to broadcast over the radio, my close friend, Rob Murray, and I began our own video podcast series, The WCHC Sports Podcast, to continue to pursue our passion for sports and sports broadcasting throughout the remote semester.

I can honestly say that recording this podcast every week has been a blast. At first, I was somewhat hesitant, as I am not particularly well-versed in sports outside of basketball. I quickly found, however, that recording the podcast offered me a fun, creative outlet to supplement my academic work, and I look forward each and every week to recording Sunday nights with Rob. Just the other day, we actually had our first guest appear on the show, as our good friend and Holy Cross athlete TJ Duggan stopped by to talk about the Celtics, Patriots, and Holy Cross Athletics on Episode 9.

Though nothing can quite compare to the excitement of calling a game live from press row, the podcast has been a highlight of my semester thus far, and I’m glad to have found such an engaging way to keep our organization active from afar. Throughout the next several months, I plan on writing about the many other ways Holy Cross has continued to show its (purple) colors in response to COVID-19.

Until next time, please be sure to check out our work on The WCHC Sports Podcast (linked above). Peace!

The Trip of a Lifetime: Spring Break Immersion Program 2020

Hello again, readers! Welcome back to the blog. Due to personal loss and a jam-packed schedule, I have had a very difficult time posting regularly over the past few months, but I am determined to right (write) the ship throughout the rest of this spring semester. I am in a GREAT state of mind, as I returned just yesterday from a week-long trip to Ivanhoe, Virginia as part of Holy Cross’s Spring Break Immersion Program (SBIP). The trip was absolutely wonderful. I’d even go so far as to say that it was my best Holy Cross experience to date. Though I cannot express in writing how truly impactful the trip was to me, hopefully I can encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and participate in such an experience.

A group of twelve Holy Cross students posing in front of a sign for Ivanhoe, Virginia on a sunny day
Saying goodbye to Ivanhoe was hard, but we couldn’t help but smile for one last group shot as we left town.

Our week began on Saturday with a 5:00 a.m. departure to Roanoke, Virginia by bus. Upon arriving at the Roanoke airport, over 100 students dispersed into smaller groups to travel to their designated sites across the Appalachian region. Ivanhoe, which is located 701 miles from Holy Cross, is a small rural community in Southern Virginia. My group of twelve students arrived in Ivanhoe late Saturday night. After spending Sunday in prayer, recreation, and exploration, our week of immersion truly began on Monday, as we began our week of labor, conversation, and reflection alongside the residents of Ivanhoe. Each day was spent in community with the townspeople, as well as with a group of students from Boston College, with whom we shared lodging at the Ivanhoe Volunteer Fire Department.

The experience is, admittedly, hard to put into words. Each day we worked hard, but laughed even harder. We met people who had suffered, yet who were hopeful beyond belief. Most importantly, in my mind, we had each other. A group of twelve Holy Cross students, most of whom had never even met one another, became a community far stronger than any group I’ve ever been a part of on campus. Every day in Ivanhoe was a blessing— a blessing that I already wish I could experience for just one more time. It was unbelievable. It was Appa Magic.

We had to say goodbye to our new friends in Ivanhoe on Friday afternoon, and arrived in Worcester early Saturday morning. Our Immersion had ended, yet was simultaneously just beginning. My group spent the entirety of Saturday night together —eating, bowling, dancing, and celebrating the experience we had shared. We also celebrated Mass on Sunday night as a group, alongside hundreds of fellow students who had participated in SBIP as well.

Group of 12 Holy Cross students dressed in pink at Spring Break Immersion Program bowling night
To honor Maxine Walker, a leader in the Ivanhoe Community, we chose to represent her favorite animal, the flamingo, at bowling night!


Special shoutout to MaryGrace (our fearless leader), Bridget, E.B.B., Emily, Emily (again), Isabella, Josue, Evelyn, Matt, Michaela, Sofie, and Rourke (our favorite B.C. student) for making the experience so unforgettable. I will never forget the smiles, laughs, tears, card games, and vibe checks from this past week.

That’s all for now! Once again, trying to put into words all that I experienced on Spring Break Immersion is truly an impossible task. I am grateful to the College, my group members, and the people of Ivanhoe for making this wonderful experience possible. I can only hope to carry half of the joy I experienced on this trip with me throughout the rest of my semester at Holy Cross.


Looking Back, Looking Forward: Welcome 2020s!

Hello, readers, and Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. I once again find myself in my hometown of Rochester, N.Y., anxiously awaiting the start of my fourth semester at Holy Cross. Although being home has been restful and quite enjoyable, I simply cannot wait to return to the Hill. I definitely miss my friends, as well as having more of a structured schedule to my day. Let’s face it—a person can play only so many hours of NBA 2K20 each day before even it becomes boring.

There are several additional reasons, however, for my eagerness to return to campus. As mentioned in a previous post, I am very excited for the classes that I was able to enroll in for the upcoming semester. I will be taking Research Methods for the Psychology major, Development of Social Theory for the Sociology major, Kafka, Hesse, Mann & Contemporary Literature for the German minor, as well as Ecological Spirituality as a Religious Studies requirement. I must also mention that I was able to create a schedule for myself in which I have ZERO classes on Fridays. If that’s not something worth looking forward to, then I’m not sure what is.

Additionally, I have been spending a portion of my break preparing to apply to a UK Summer Fulbright Institute. Specifically, I have my sights set on spending a month of this coming summer studying at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Although the scholarship is extremely competitive, I believe the program would be the perfect alternative to studying abroad for me, and I am extremely interested in the University’s summer course offerings through the program. More on this process to come!

As mentioned, I also have several sports broadcasting opportunities this coming semester. In fact, I will be scouting out the men’s basketball team in their home matchup against Navy on Sunday, January 5th. I will admit, however, that I am not making the long journey to Worcester for the sole purpose of seeing this game. Rather, I will stopping by Worcester on my return home from a Celtics versus Hawks game in Boston on Friday. I can’t wait to catch some great basketball!

Clearly, the opportunities to begin the new decade are abundant. I’m very grateful to be in this position, and I feel ready to make this year even more memorable than the last. I truly do believe that the best is yet to come, and I cannot wait to write about it. Until then, Happy New Year, and Go Crusaders!


Thanksgiving 2019: Expressing Gratitude

Hello, readers, and Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been far too long since my last post, so I figured I’d check in with a brief update for the holiday. I am comfortably situated in my hometown of Rochester, NY, with classes set to resume on Monday, December 2nd. It seems impossible to believe, but final exams for Fall 2019 are fast approaching! Only two class weeks remain in the semester, and I have no doubt that they will fly by, as this entire semester has been a blur.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on some of the great opportunities I’ve had at Holy Cross thus far during my sophomore year. As is perhaps evident in my lack of updates during recent weeks, I’ve found this semester to be infinitely more busy than my first year on the Hill —something I would not have thought possible. That said, however, I am enjoying myself immensely. So, without further ado, here are a few of the experiences and opportunities from this semester for which I am most grateful:

  1. Prior to enrollment for Spring 2020 (which went very well, actually), I was able to make multiple adjustments to my academic plan. In addition to being a Psychology major, I have added the Sociology major, as well as the German minor. I’ve decided not to study abroad during junior year, so I plan on using the flexibility in my schedule to pursue these three areas of study. In fact, next semester, I will once again be taking at least one class in each of these fields. Although I took some great classes in order to fulfill various common requirements, I will admit that it feels great to finally focus on classes that, for me, possess the most inherent interest.
  2. Over the past couple weeks, my radio broadcasting career has resumed! As mentioned in one of my posts from last year, I am a member of WCHC 88.1 Sports, which broadcasts a variety of sporting events for Holy Cross Athletics. My expertise lies in basketball alone, and I serve as a broadcaster for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. My most recent broadcast was as the play-by-play announcer for women’s basketball team’s 68-42 victory over Merrimack on Saturday, November 23. I’ve had a blast as a sportscaster thus far this year! A lot of work goes into preparing for each broadcast; as I tell most of my friends, it’s quite comparable to studying for a test. I’m looking forward to continuing broadcasting, particularly next semester!
  3. Every Tuesday evening, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Nativity School of Worcester – an independent, Jesuit middle school in the City of Worcester. There, I’ve served as a one-on-one tutor for a student named François. François is, without a doubt, the coolest middle schooler that I have met in my life. During evening study, we work together to make sure all of his homework is finished by the time he leaves. I’ve much enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside such a bright, motivated student, and I’m glad I picked the right SPUD!
  4. I was recently accepted into Spring Break Immersion Program (SBIP) for Spring 2020! Per my own choice, I will be assigned to a site in the Appalachian Region (not sure where yet, but stay tuned!) I’ve never been on an immersion trip before, so I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to experience something new.

There have been so many great opportunities that I’ve had in just three months on campus that it is simply impossible to list them all. These are, however, a few of the highlights that have stood out. Naturally, I am also grateful for the opportunity to visit home, albeit for only a few days. I’m confident that I’ll return to Worcester freshly energized and ready to finish the semester strong (and, quite likely, with multiple pumpkin pies). Be sure to check back soon for updates from the Hill!


Family Weekend 2019: ‘Saders Take Down Colgate

Fitton Field is pictured on a beautiful Fall afternoon, following the first half of Holy Cross Football's win over Colgate University
The Crusaders marched into halftime with a 21-3 lead on this beautiful Family Weekend afternoon.

Hello, all! I am now in my second week of classes following Fall Break, so I figured I’d provide a brief update on some happenings on the Hill.

This past weekend was Family Weekend at Holy Cross! Last year, my family members were unable to attend the festivities. This year, however, my dad was able to make the trip from Rochester. Seeing as I chose not to visit home over the break, it was great being able to catch up with him on how things have been going back in New York.

My dad and I went out to a local restaurant, Wicked Wing Co., located about ten minutes from campus. Fortunately for us, the Celtics game was being shown on the TVs there, and we actually ended up staying at the restaurant for the entire game. The food was delicious, and it’s always a pleasure to get off campus and see what Worcester has to offer.

A photo of me, Aidan, pictured with my dad, Jack
Even my dad, a graduate of Colgate University, had to show some Holy Cross pride for Family Weekend.

Although Family Weekend consisted of many exciting events on campus, the main attraction was undoubtedly Holy Cross Football’s matchup with the Colgate University Raiders on Saturday morning. I spent much of the morning tailgating with my friends and their parents, before watching the first half of the Crusaders’ resounding 31-10 victory over Colgate. It’s always a great atmosphere in Fitton Field, and this past weekend was no exception.

Overall, it was a super fun weekend. This coming weekend, however, may be even better, seeing as I’m planning on attending a Celtics game with my roommate and some friends. Halloween is also coming up this week, though I must admit that I am still in need of costume ideas.

That’s all for this week’s post! I’m busy as ever, so be sure to check back soon for more updates. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to provide. Peace!




Sophomore Year Update: The Blog is Back!

Hello, readers! For those of you new to this blog, my name is Aidan Ruppert and I am a sophomore from Rochester, N.Y. I found writing about college life to be a rewarding experience throughout my first year at Holy Cross, and I was lucky enough to be offered the same opportunity for this year!

Seeing as this is my very first post of the new semester, I figure that it may be worthwhile to offer a brief timeline of my experiences on The Hill thus far. Here are some of the significant events that have transpired:


August 28, 2019: I actually moved in early for training for an organization I am a member of: Counseling Outreach Peer Educators (COPE). In short, COPE is a peer-educator organization devoted to serving as student ambassadors for the Counseling Center, as well as sponsoring programming designed to promote emotional well-being on campus. The orientation took place over the span of six days, and involved extensive training on mental health concerns, particularly as they pertain to college students. It was a fun and informative week, plus it was super nice to settle into my new home before my friends arrived on campus.

September 4, 2019: This was the first day of classes for the Fall 2019 semester. I am currently enrolled in four classes: PSYC-200 (Statistics), Cognition and Memory, German 301, and Sociology 101. Although I am currently a Psychology major, I am also interested in potentially adding Sociology and/or German as a major and minor, respectively. I have found that my classes are significantly more challenging this semester, but I am certainly doing my best to keep up with all the work!

September 29, 2019: The first Open House of Fall 2019 was on this particular Sunday. As you may recall, I spent time working as a “Greeter” in the Office of Admissions last year. This year, I was actually offered a position on the executive board of the Admissions Outreach program, which has proven to be a great leadership opportunity thus far. My fellow E-Board members and I were tasked with creating schedules for all Open House volunteers, as well as ensuring that the event ran smoothly, which it did!

October 1, 2019: October marked the beginning of my new SPUD program! Whereas last year I served as a tutor for an entire class of high school students, this year I am working as a one-on-one tutor to a sixth-grader at Nativity School of Worcester. I have already found that I am much better suited to this style of tutoring, and I really enjoy the atmosphere of the school. I am definitely looking forward to a new year of SPUD!


Well there you have it! It has been a challenging, but rewarding start to my second year at Holy Cross. Currently, most students are away from campus for Fall break. I, however, chose to stay on campus in order to get ahead in my classes, work out, and have some time to relax throughout the week. Thankfully, this also (finally) gives me time to get back to posting on this blog! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’m looking forward to getting back to writing regularly. Peace!

My Top Ten Freshman Year Moments at Holy Cross

Hello, all. As promised, here is my final blog post for the 2018-2019 academic year. It has been an amazing journey throughout my first two semesters, and I cannot wait for the next three years. I’m not sure if I will be posting at all during the summer, but I would like to express my gratitude to you, the reader. Whether you have followed my blog all year long, or are just now checking in, I truly appreciate the time you’ve given to reading my posts, and I hope that my words have adequately described how fantastic my Holy Cross experience has been. With that said, let the countdown begin! Here are my top ten moments from my first year on Mount Saint James


Although I’ve had some enjoyable experiences throughout my time volunteering in the admissions office, this particular day was easily my favorite. On this beautiful April afternoon, hundreds of high school seniors flocked to campus to see the college that they will (hopefully) call home for the next four years. The vibe on campus was filled with excitement, and it served as a meaningful reminder of the position I had been in only one year prior. It made me finally realize how far I had come during my two semesters at Holy Cross.


Although I am, by no means, a devoted football fan, this particular matchup produced a memory that will certainly last a long time. Holy Cross football, after trailing by multiple touchdowns throughout most of regulation, executed a miracle comeback over the Yale Bulldogs, who were, at the time, the reigning Ivy League champions. It was one of my earliest memories with people that I now consider my close friends. Although we did miss all of the third quarter to grab lunch at Kimball, this afternoon demonstrated the tenacity of a Holy Cross Crusader, and offered a moment of tremendous joy and excitement, as we emerged victorious on a game-winning field goal in overtime.


A court-side view of Holy Cross Men's Basketball against the University of Rhode Island, held at the DCU Center in Worcester.
My friends and I knew we were going to need great seats for this exciting matchup with URI.



Technically, this memory was not supposed to be made in the first place, seeing as I was supposed to be studying for final exams after my first semester. Nevertheless, two of my close friends and I purchased tickets to this matchup against the University of Rhode Island of the A-10 Conference. The game was actually held at the DCU Center in Worcester, and it was a cool experience to leave campus for the city alongside fellow students on our fan bus. Although Holy Cross ultimately came up short, losing 79-63, the second half included a truly inspiring comeback attempt from the Crusaders, who rapidly cut a massive point deficit to only a few baskets with less than ten minutes remaining. I’m excited for future Men’s Basketball games at the DCU, and would highly recommend these games for any Crusader fans looking for an electric atmosphere.


I’m not kidding when I say that this day feels as though it occurred only weeks ago; I remember nearly every detail exactly. This day was meaningful for a multitude of reasons, seeing as I was finally meeting my roommates, as well as preparing to live away from Rochester for the first time in my life. I remember the leaders of Fall Orientation swarming my family’s car and bringing all of my belongings to my dorm room in Clark Hall. Later, before saying farewell to my family, I remember attending the Mass of the Holy Spirit, which was fitting, seeing as all of my middle school and high school years began with the very same celebration. Later, we were placed in orientation groups, and we began a three-day program designed to help us meet friends and become familiar with campus. Although the day was extremely tiring (my roommates and I were actually exploring campus until extremely late that night), it was a memorable start to a memorable year, and I’ll never forget where it all started.


A view of the stage at Ed Sheeran's concert at Gilette Stadium in September 2018
Perhaps not the greatest view, but an amazing experience nevertheless!

This was an interesting experience to say the least, seeing as the concert took place only a couple weeks after classes began, and my new friends and I decided to attend a mere 24 hours before the concert actually started. Still, I thought that it sounded like a fun way to spend a Friday night. We split the cost of an Uber between the four of us, and soon found ourselves in Foxborough, MA. The concert itself was an awesome time; attending concerts is one of my favorite activities. It was also pretty cool being in the home stadium of the New England Patriots; Ed Sheeran actually sported a Rob Gronkowski jersey during his encore performance. Unfortunately, we made a terrible error in believing we could easily use Uber to return to Holy Cross. After an hour or so, we finally found a driver, but the cost was unfathomable. In the end, however, being able to have this experience with my roommate and two of my other (now) best friends was worth it. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a concert or two during my sophomore year!


Honestly, this was NOT an experience I was expecting to have, not during my freshman year at least. At the beginning of my second semester, however, I had the opportunity to provide color commentary for several Men’s and Women’s Basketball games. As evident in many of my blog posts, I have always been extremely passionate about basketball. Although I lack the talent to play at the collegiate level, WCHC Sports presented itself as a tremendous opportunity to stay involved with the sport I love. Although the first couple games were primarily learning experiences, I quickly became comfortable on the air, and found that broadcasting was something I really enjoyed. I am extremely excited for my future in sports broadcasting, and look forward to following the basketball programs for years to come.


A milkshake from Cool Beans, found in the Hogan Campus Center at Holy Cross
Love, in its purest form

Really, I can’t explain this one. It’s either something you experience, or you don’t. Shoutout to my milkshake crew; you know who you are.


A team photo of my 5v5 intramural basketball team
A celebratory moment, following the Kimballers’ first win of the 5v5 Basketball session.






















Although I’ve already written about my experience with intramural sports, I feel the need to reiterate: JOIN INTRAMURAL SPORTS AT HOLY CROSS. It is such a fun, fulfilling experience to be able to form athletic teams with your closest friends, and intramurals present a great way to do that. I served as the captain of two basketball teams throughout my freshman year, and can honestly say that this experience was one of my favorites. Although the success of the team varied, it was so fun to be able to look forward to our game each week, and have the opportunity to compete together. Again, intramural sports at Holy Cross can get pretty intense!


Okay, so this one is honestly pretty lame. But really, it is one of those moments from freshman year that I will always remember. Following the conclusion of my each semester, Kimball Dining Hall hosts a late night breakfast for students as they study for their final exams. In December, some of my closest friends and I went to the breakfast, simply needing fuel to continue working on final projects and essays. This may not seem particularly memorable, but it stands out as the moment that I could finally look back and say, “I made it.” I realized how close I had become to this particular group of people in four short months, and understood that these were the people that I would be spending the next several years with. As my roommate shoved an entire pancake into his mouth at once, I felt immense satisfaction with the person I had become, the relationships I had established, and where I was in my life. Exactly one week ago, I sat in midnight breakfast once again, only this time, knowing that the next day I would be leaving my best friends for nearly four months. It was a  sad moment, yet meaningful for all of the aforementioned reasons. I will always remember midnight breakfasts from freshman year.


A view of the stage at the Spring Concert, featuring Loud Luxury
I’m not kidding when I say Loud Luxury put on a SHOW!


This entire weekend was honestly so fun, and I don’t think I can really put it into words. Between the free food trucks, petting zoos, games, giveaways, and  live music, this weekend was certainly one to remember. The highlight, of course, was the 2019 Spring Concert featuring Jay Sean and Loud Luxury. It didn’t matter that Jay Sean hadn’t been particularly relevant since 2009; his hit song, “Down”, captured the hearts of hundreds of Holy Cross students. It was amazing experiencing the sheer excitement of a live music performance right on Mount Saint James, and I already cannot wait for next year’s Spring Weekend. This weekend was, of course, made even sweeter due to the presence of amazing friends. The Outdoor EDGE, a party featuring a DJ outside of Kimball, was nearly as fun as the concert itself, and was a great way to let loose prior to final exams.

Once again, thank you for your support of this blog. I’ll see you all next year!

-Aidan Ruppert, Class of 2022

End of Year One: Quick Update

Hello again, readers! Due to the chaos of finals week, I was not able to spend time writing a post about Spring Weekend, nor about my final exams themselves. That said, I will take some time today and tomorrow to compile a list: My Top Ten Freshman Year Moments at Holy Cross. Be sure to check back for this post tomorrow evening, as it will be my last official post for the 2018-2019 school year.

I do have some exciting news to share, however. I have been asked to return as a blogger for my sophomore year as well! I have tremendously enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences online, and I am looking forward to being able to do so in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out in the comments (or via personal correspondence) to let me know what you’d like to see for next year. I’d love to hear your ideas, and I’m interested in knowing what posts are the most/least interesting.

Obviously, I am already looking forward to my sophomore year. In addition to blogging, I have been accepted into the C.O.P.E. organization, which I am extremely excited to be involved in. I have also been offered a leadership role within the Admissions Office’s “Outreach” program. I am still waiting to hear back regarding other opportunities I’ll have on campus in the fall.

For now, though, I am back in Rochester, and will be continuing my work as an accountant and receptionist in our local amusement park. I’m looking forward to traveling for concerts and short vacations this summer, and being able to truly reconnect with some of my friends from home. I’ll also be spending much time playing basketball, working out, studying music, and improving my German. Overall, I think it’s going to be a great summer.

That’s all for now! Again, please be sure to check back tomorrow evening for my last post of the 2018-2019 year, My Top Ten Freshman Year Moments at Holy Cross. Until then, peace!


The End is Near: A Look Forward at May 2019

Hello, readers! Apologies for being a bit late in posting to my blog. Following the publication of my “vlog” installment (see previous post), I had two extremely busy weeks, including, most notably, enrolling in four courses for Fall 2019. Following several hours of thought, I decided that, in addition to pursuing a psychology major, I will attempt to complete a sociology major, as well as a German minor. I actually spent quite a bit of time mapping out my future courses and how I can meet the requirements of each major/minor. Although pursuing three separate tracks of study will certainly be challenging, I find these fields quite fascinating, and definitely believe that I am capable of managing the coursework necessary in each of these courses of study.

In addition to this development, it is worth mentioning the awesome Easter break I had! Following my last class on Wednesday, my dad (having driven to campus) and I took off for TD Garden in Boston, MA once again. This time, we watched our beloved Celtics in Game 2 of their first-round sweep of the Indiana Pacers. This marked our first time attending an NBA playoff game, and the atmosphere was electric. I’ve already promised myself that I will save up enough money this summer to catch some weekend games next season.

Easter back home in Rochester, NY was relaxing, as expected. My nineteenth birthday was actually on Holy Thursday, and although I had to spend much of the day traveling, the time I spent with family and friends back home made it more than worth it. As I drove out of Rochester on Monday, I simply could not believe that it was the last time I would be leaving my hometown for college during my freshman year. I have mentioned this in previous blog posts, but freshman year has absolutely flown by. To think that I will be home for good in just nineteen days seems absolutely crazy. That said, there is still business to be taken care of! Here is my list (in no particular order) of the top five things I still have to look forward to in the next three weeks:

1.  My 5v5 intramural basketball team, the Kimballers, has its first playoff game  tomorrow night! We are 2-1 on the season, but Thursday night’s matchup promises to be a very challenging contest, seeing as we will be facing off against a number of Club Basketball players. I have served as the captain of this team, and I must say that I am proud of how the team has played over the past few weeks. Now let’s get this win!

2. The housing selection process for next year is coming up in a couple of weeks. I’ve already registered with my roommate for next year, so now we are just waiting to be able to select our room for next year! My new roommate lives in Rochester as well, so that should make buying things for next year even easier. Naturally, however, all of my friends and I are maneuvering to try to live near each other next year, so fingers crossed!

3. For my Fundamentals of Music course, I am currently completing a song analysis of “Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie (1979). This project, which is part of my final exam, has offered me a unique opportunity to apply everything I have learned all semester in this course to a song of my own choice. The project includes analysis of melody, harmony, rhythm, meter, lyrics, chord progression, key changes, etc. I’ve found my work on this song to be a difficult, yet rewarding experience. I will admit, however, that I am becoming increasingly tired of this particular song, seeing as I have now listened to it in its entirety dozens of times.

4. Speaking of music, the Holy Cross Spring Concert is fast approaching! This year’s concert, sponsored by Campus Activities Board (CAB), will be headlined by Loud Luxury, as well as Jay Sean. Although I am not particularly familiar with either artist, I still think that the concert will be an awesome time, especially seeing as it will be the last “true” weekend of the year. I’ve already purchased my ticket, so now all I can do is wait!

5. Lastly, these last three weeks will simply be a great opportunity to spend time with the friends I have made this year. It seems impossible that most of us will have to go over three months without seeing each other. Such is college, however, seeing as students come from all over the U.S., or even beyond. That said, these last few weeks are going to be a blast, and I’ll definitely savor every moment.

Hopefully this post wasn’t too lengthy! I definitely had a lot to share, and was glad I finally found a bit of spare time to be able to do so. To all students, best of luck during these last few weeks of classes! Stay tuned for updates on how the aforementioned events unfold, as well as some concluding remarks on my amazing freshman year at Holy Cross. Peace!